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Thyroid health be your own advocate & how Bach Flower Essences can help.

So as my first blog post I decided to post a topic I know too well now, because it has happened to me. Thyroid disease or "sluggish thyroid" What have I learned?  I have learned that you need to be your own advocate and listen to your body! And most importantly find a dr that believes your symptoms are not "in your head" Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid can have a slew of symptoms some say even 300 and some of those symptoms could be very vague ( 300 thyroid symptoms  ) . Like my dry mouth, dry eyes and joint pain. So much so that I thought it a terrible auto immune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome and was beside myself. Once that i have now started natural thyroid meds I am slowly getting back to health. 


The "Normal" Numbers could be wrong!

Many many experts say that the normal ranges that most labs come up with for your blood work are WRONG and skewed. You can still have symptoms with "normal" ranges thats why so many people suffer without even knowing its their thyroid! My numbers where Free t3 120 and then they dropped to Free T3 78 and on both labs said they where in normal range! But I was so sick and Dr.s could not find an answer! So, I went to a Functional Medicine MD and he mentioned my thyroid was NOT IDEAL! That is the key to get your numbers to ideal range. What is ideal? Well, that is the challenge you will have to go through for some time to see. Most Functional MD's say 100 - 200 for Free T 3.  I know that at 120 t3 free I still had symptoms of dry mouth and eyes just not as bad as when they came down to 78 so i know i need to be past 120 to feel "normal" again. You see you have to be kinda your own Dr. When it comes to your thyroid! 

ONE NOTE: In my opinion you need to make sure that the Functional Dr. you go to is an MD or OD. They are many scammers out there including chiropractors that really don't know what they are doing. 

Can Bach Flower Help?

Sure it can. With some symptoms of mental health it will not CURE you but the essences  can help you lower the symptoms along with proper thyroid care with a PROPER DR. 

Some essences that come to mind are Elm flower, Mustard Flower , and Crab Apple and many more! 

You can try our helpers and see for yourself. 

For Depression our Depression Helper can help 

For Anxiety our Anxiety Helper can help 


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