Fight Mental Problems with Natural Treatment

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, OCD and more have become the common cause of trouble for today’s generation. At The Bach Flower Remedies we have natural, organic flower essences to create remedies that actually work against these problems.

For years Dr. Bach had practiced and mastered the art of using organic essences to help such serious mental problems. The result is this huge range of mental health "remedies" that are proven to work in the most serious of cases.

Give our remedies a try

If you, or anyone you know, has been struggling with mental health and has not been able to get the right help, then we advise you to give our remedies a try just once. And, you will no longer have to look back.

We believe that nature has the ability to help mental ailments naturally. We are the first company to formulate ready to use helpers online, and an all-USA made company.

Don’t let your mental health worries get the better of you. Give our products a try, and be certain to bring your life back on the right track.

If you have more questions, we are available through email. 

Here you will find Helpers (Bach Flower remedies) for your mental health needs. All Helpers have been formulated by a certified Bach Flower Therapist with flower essences from the Bach Foundation. 

Click on what you would like help in below: 

ADD Helper     Anxiety Helper    Depression Helper

Forgiveness Helper   Judgemental Helper   Laziness Helper

OCD Helper   Overbearing Helper   PTSD Helper

Repeated Mistake Helper   Self hating Helper  

Sleep Helper   Workaholic Helper  Stress Helper    

Note: Bach Flower essences, the ingredients we use in our helpers, are hard to reproduce because Dr. Bach never detailed his process to the public. We use only Bach Flower essences made by the Original Bach flower foundation. We have found some websites claiming to reproduce the essences the same way Dr. bach did so be very careful when buying your "remedies" to make sure they really do work.


  "These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, care, or prevent any disease. They have not been evaluated by the FDA."